Hi I’m Haley
I (almost) always choose salt over sweet
I’ve been married for 7 years
I love the sun
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marriage & Family 
I’m a mom to two cute, little and busy kids
I’m a Christian
I currently live in Denver, Colorado 
I’m obsessed with details

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The first year with my new camera was a lot of learning. We were living in Utah at the time and I started following other photographers, and practicing daily on my new baby girl. Another year went by and I continued to grow and pay off all the initial equipment photography requires. My husband then got into law school in Wyoming, so we moved to Laramie where we lived for the next 3 years. Being in a new town was hard and I wanted to continue to grow my business, but wasn't sure how. I put myself out there and quickly found a lot of success as a wedding and family photographer. After that, my husband finished his education in Gainesville, Florida where I got to live and capture love for almost a full year! We recently moved to Denver, Colorado to settle down. Through all the moves, I've fallen in love with the craziness and excitement of wedding days in all different parts of the country. I love every part from the moment a couple decides to get married, to their engagement photos, the fun adventure of wedding planning to saying vows over the alter. I enjoy editing all the different lighting and color scenarios a wedding day provides. I'm so grateful for every couple that's trusted me to capture their day in the last 5 years and can't wait for many more to come.

I invested in my first DSLR as a new mom, needing something to keep me learning and growing outside of my new life at home. I never knew how much photography would change me and give me so much purpose.

My whole life I've been seen with a camera. I remember asking for a little point-and-shoot when I was 11 for Christmas. It wasn't until my daughter was born, just over 5 years ago however, that I decided to take my love for cameras to the next step.


My Story

I am looking...

For the cake smashers
The detail lovers
The ones that want to travel back in time when they look at their photos
The dreamers
Lovers of simplicity
Those with the prettiest shoes and longest veils
The light, bright and airy
For those in Love

Yep, you read that right. When I was a baby I am told I drank salsa like juice. I love spicy foods and love all types of salsa. Bring on all the spice and salt! 

Chips & Salsa

I survive off of my morning workouts! I love to run and have done a few different half marathons in the last few years. Currently, I'm spending more time weight lifting and I've seen a huge difference in how it affects my strength on wedding days. You'd be surprised at how sore I can get after carrying two heavy cameras around on my feet for 10 hour wedding days. Strength training has been so good to help reduce that soreness!


I learn so much from podcasts and listen to them all throughout my day. Most of the topics I like to listen to are photography or business related. Currently I love Nathan Chanski and Katelyn James' podcasts!



My Favorite Things

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"Magnolia was seriously amazing. Can't wait to work with them again!"

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"Absolutely stunning in every way. Could not have been more impressed!"

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